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Basal Body Temperature

What is BBT?

        BBT (Basal Body Temperature) is also called resting temperature. It is the lowest temperature attained by the body during rest (usually during sleep). It is generally measured immediately after awakening and before any physical activity has been undertaken, although the temperature measured at that time is somewhat higher than the true basal body temperature (see Figure1).[1]

Principle of BBT

      BBT of women of child-bearing age have a periodic variation as menstrual cycle. This temperature change is relevant with ovulation of women.
      The first day of menstrual see red is regarded as the beginning of menstrual cycle of women. The length of the menstrual cycle is different from person to person, is about 21~35 days, average 28 days. Ovulation day is regarded as parting point, and before ovulation day is follicular phase (low temperature phase), and after ovulation day is luteal phase (high temperature phase).
      The length of follicular phase is not certain, but the length of luteal phase is regular and about less or more than 14 days. The next day of ovulation, the secretion of corpus luteum (progesterone) will make body temperature to raise about 0.6 鈩? so the tendency of women to have lower temperatures before ovulation, and higher temperatures afterwards, is known as a biphasic pattern, as Figure2.

Change Rule of BBT of Healthy Women

     Body of healthy women is affected by two estrogens: ovarian hormones and luteal hormone, and appears menstrual reaction in a certain period cycle.

Follicular Phase (Low Temperature Phase)
In the beginning of menstrual, follicle has been mature in the ovary, and mature follicle can secrete a large number of follicular hormones. Endometrium will breed constantly by the effect of follicular hormones. Afterwards, endometrium become thick and pituitary will secrete luteal hormone, egg expels from mature follicle rapidly, and then began to ovulation.

Ovulation Phase
After egg expels from mature follicle, if egg does not combine with sperm, the life of egg end here. From the first day of the next menses, 14 days before menses is ovulation day, from 5 days before ovulation day to 4 days after ovulation day is ovulation phase.

Luteal Phase (High Temperature Phase)
After ovulation, progesterone which can secrete luteal hormone generate in women's body. Endometriums become thick to be convenient for fertilized egg to implant in the womb to conception. Luteal hormone can make body temperature arise, so BBT will rise after ovulation.

Menstrual Phase
The density of ovarian hormones and luteal hormone down to the lowest point with the degenerate of corpus luteum, then endometriums flake and bleed without the support of ovarian hormones and luteal hormone, and then menses happen. A menstrual cycle can see Figure3. [1]


 How to Measure BBT?

a) You can leave your thermometer at your bedside within easy to reach so you don't have to move much to get it. If you use a glass thermometer, make sure you shake it down before going to bed.
b) Use your BBT thermometer as the first thing in the morning before you get out of bed.
c) Try to measure the temperature at as close to the same time each day as possible.
d) You can use your BBT thermometer orally, vaginally, or rectally, but always stick with the same method for the entire cycle. And Pump Electronic Basal Body Thermometer is used to measure BBT from oral.
e) In the measurement process, please don't open your mouth and don't use mouth to breath.
f) During measurement, please hold the thermometer to avoid thermometer moving.
g) If you have sexual life, which may affect the BBT, please indicate for reference.
h) Cold, drink, late sleep and insomnia may affect the BBT, please indicate for reference.
i) BBT measurement need to insist for a long time, a reference value is generally require measuring more than three months.

What does BBT Can Help Us?

Judging Your Physical Condition by BBT Curve
     Forecasting Next Menses
Ovulation day is regarded as parting point of women's menstrual cycle, before ovulation day is follicular phase (low temperature phase), and after ovulation day is luteal phase (high temperature phase). The length of low temperature phase is not certain, but the length of high temperature phase is regular and about less or more than 14 days. If not pregnancy, corpus luteum will atrophy and stop secreting luteal hormone, BBT down, menses happen. According to this characteristic, if not pregnancy, we can forecast the beginning day of next menses is the day about after 14 days of ovulation day.

    Getting Pregnant or Preventing Pregnancy
Ovulation phase is the most fertile phase. If you are trying to get pregnant, timing intercourse around your ovulation phase can greatly increase your chances of conception.
Women who are sexually active but who don't want to get pregnant sometimes monitor their ovulation in order to prevent pregnancy. By refraining from sexual intercourse around the time of ovulation, you can reduce your chances of getting pregnant.

    Detecting Early Pregnancy and Early Pregnancy Safety
According to BBT curve, we can judge Early Pregnancy or not. If high temperature phase continues for 16 days, the probability of Pregnancy is 97%, and continues for 20 days, the probability of Pregnancy is 100%. If the BBT curve gradually down, it means inadequate luteal function or poor Placental function that may cause abortion, must pay more attention.

    Detecting Development of Corpus Luteum
In the next day of women ovulation, ovary form corpus luteum, and the health condition of corpus luteum is directly related to the uterine health and pregnant probability. If womens BBT curve is not a typical biphasic pattern that continuous BBT arise cannot keep for 14 days, it means corpus luteum atrophy too early. If continuous BBT arise time is normal, but the rising amplitude is too small, it means the development of corpus luteum is poor and inadequate secretion of progesterone.

    Other Uses
BBT also can help us identifying the type of amenorrhea, discovering polycystic ovaries, monitoring ovarian function and prompt other diseases.

 Helping Losing Weight, Skin Caring and Beauty
a) Low temperature phase after menses is the best period of body in a month. In this phase, metabolism is exuberant, and losing weight is relatively easy. We can do simple gymnastics and pay attention to diet to lose weight. In this phase, metabolism of skin is exuberant, skin also has Strong regeneration function, we have happy mood and stable spirit, so we can do skin caring and beauty.
b) High temperature phase before menses and menstrual period is a hard period for losing weight. Skin conditions become bad and pimples are easy to grow, our mood is instability and easy to be angry and impatient. In this phase, we can eat more plain foods, and foods that are rich in vitamins and cellulose.


How to See BBT Curve?

BBT Curve with Normal Ovulation 



 BBT Curve of Being Pregnant



BBT Curve of Suspected Early Abortion




BBT Curve without Ovulation
BBT Curve of Downing Slowly Caused by Inadequate Luteal Function
BBT Curve of Rising Slowly Caused by Inadequate Density of Progesterone
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