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New Product Release

 Insulin Pump

The insulin pump is a medical device used for the administration of insulin in the treatment of diabetes mellitus, also known as continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion therapy.

Portable and simple design
1. Small size, easy for carrying and hiding, ergonomic design and elegant appearance;
2. Store 300u insulin, for people who require high dose;
3. Continue working for 3~4 weeks with one AAA battery;
4. Large LCD display, both Chinese and English bilingual menu, easy to use.

Infusion with high precision
1. Infusion precision is 0.05u,infusion error is卤2%;
2. Choose infusion time 1~ 5minutes neatly, avoiding aches;
3. 4 Basal rates, 48 time/rate segments to meet your needs. And adjust basic rate whenever if you need.

Prompt intelligently and performance security
1. Alarm when insulin is empty, the battery low, or needle is blockade etc;
2. Vibration alarm mode, operating secretly;
3. Meet the highest waterproof standards of IPX8, as being in bathing and swimming;
4. High capacity storage, provide history of operation and infusion for doctors and patients.

Medical catheter(with two patents)
1. Our medical catheter with two patents consists of three layers. It is widely used in insulin pump , titration, cardiac catheter, intravenous injection, etc.
2. Detachable catheter, which is easier to depart the infusion catheter from pump when the users have a shower, take exercises, intimate contact and CT examination, etc.

Different size needles for different people, avoiding ache as a result of right size needle.

Store insulin, with the standard Luer Connection, and widely used.


 Positive airway pressure devices invasive ventilator

The PUMP CPAP VB1000 is indicated for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA).
The PUMP CPAP VB1000 is intended for home and hospital use.

Product features:
1. Noninvasive ventilation, portable, comfortable, quite, suit for travel
2. Elegant design, color TFT display
3. Heat and humidification, easy to use
4. SD card to store data, easy to read
5. Auto power off after 5s without mask
6. Plus temperature and humidification of the one
7. Pressure:4cm H2O to 20cm H2O

Website: http://www.bpumpmedical.com    Email: oversale@bpump.com.cn    Tel: 86-755-26710795    Fax: 86-755-26012025

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