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Company Philosophy

        Pump believes in if you love your life, you must love your heart. Pump's goals are to help more people to establish a healthier and more scientific lifestyle through our professional, specialty and love. The companys goal is to help more individuals create a healthy life style and improve their quality of life through affordable homecare medical devices
       Pumps slogan "Care You, Care Family". In other words, helping more people to increase the awareness of the cardiovascular diseases, importance of monitoring and prevention of cardiovascular diseases in order to reduce the treatment cost and improve the quality of life.

Core Value
To contribute to human life by developing, designing, manufacturing, sales of the innovative devices and service to improve and extend human health

Helping people with love through our professional and specialty

To be recognized as an innovative world-class cardiovascular diagnostic devices and equipment developer, manufacturer and distributor.

Management Philosophy
United   Innovative   Dedication   Passion


Company Social Responsibility

         Pump has a good foundation in advanced research and development, high efficiency manufacturing system, complete Quality Control System, and professional after-sales services. Pump believes in the near future, we will make great contributions not only to China but also to the world in the medical field.

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Shenzhen Pump Medical System Co.,Ltd.
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Website: http://www.bpumpmedical.com
Website: http://www.bpumpmedical.com    Email: oversale@bpump.com.cn    Tel: 86-755-26710795    Fax: 86-755-26012025

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