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Bluetooth Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Data Communitation BF11130B

Pump BF11130B is an arm electronic blood pressure monitor with the 3rd Generation Technology.

Bluetooth Portable Single Channel ECG EKG Monitor EF1800

Single-channel ECG monitor is a portable,easy-to-use ECG monitor that can record and store the ECG measurement of your heart rhythm. It provides effective detecting means for heart disease patients and sub-health people to prevent heart disease. The unit can also assist the doctor to make early diagnosis.

Electronic Basal Body Thermomete Bluetooth TF3101

BBT female thermometer TF3101 is a high accuracy electronic temperature measurement device. With the advanced software technology, the devices can output the BBT curve and the entire female physiological cycle.

Bluetooth Health Scale

WLAN application on all Pump Medical devices.
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         Shenzhen Pump Medical System Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company, were founded since January 2007. Pump Medical System is an unique developer, manufacturer and distributor of  medical equipment and devices focusing on cardiovascular diagnostic system such as Handheld Single-Channel ECG EKG Monitor, Blood Pressure Monitor, Thermometer, Insulin Pump, CPAP Device, Catheter and Pulse Massager. 

         Pump is an ISO09001certified, ISO 13485 certified and Quality System Regulations (QSR) compliant. Pump has established a partnership with medical professionals such as the Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat Sen and the Affiliated Hospital of Nan Fang from the research and development, concept design, clinical trial, product realization all the way through the sales of the devices.

         In the passed seven years, Pump has emphasized on product R&D work. Pump has become a company with the most complete portable WLAN medical products line. Pump had also won a good evaluation in the professional field. The Pump ECG monitor is widely used in hospitals and other professional medical organizations in China. The ECG had been designated as the aviator health monitoring specific products by the Chinese Air Force in 2011.

Core Culture
Core Value
To contribute to human life by developing, designing, manufacturing, sales of the innovative devices and service to improve and extend human health
Helping people with love through our professional and specialty
To be recognized as an innovative world-class cardiovascular diagnostic devices and equipment developer, manufacturer and distributor.
Management Philosophy
United Innovative Dedication Passion
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